After a long courtship with the esteemed Captain Whidbey Inn, we are excited to share that there is a new crew aboard!

Captain Whidbey represents the undeniably romantic & adventurous spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Built in 1907, the property protects many memories. Over the years, Captain Whidbey has become home to countless adventures, discoveries, gatherings, matrimonies and mysteries. Properties of this nature are hard to find and important to cherish.

At first sight, we were filled with a childlike excitement about the possibilities for this historic property. We are genuinely honored to be tasked with celebrating, refining and cultivating this very special place.

With 111 years on Penn Cove,Captain Whidbey has weathered not only storms, but significant evolutions and revolutions. Our goal is to examine history, absorb stories and revive the Captain Whidbey's greatest chapters. You can expect calculated, thoughtful changes to our restaurant, tavern and guest rooms over time. During this exciting phase, we emphatically welcome ideas, tall tales and dreams of all depths.

We look forward to seeing you at the Captain Whidbey.

Thank you,
Matt & Mike French, Eric Cheong


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Located on idyllic Penn Cove
Coupeville, WA